Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nude Tuesday! Questions about the non-nude candidates and some art news

"How to Take Photos Abroad" by Leslie Pierce. It will be in
the "What's Love"  show taking place this weekend at 701 Whaley St.

The candidates forum Monday night (see Sunday's posting too)
Dan Cook from Free Times said: Worst Format Ever. I'd just say it should have been only candidates for mayor. And that only two of those candidates  - Kirkman Finlay and Steve Morrison - really answered the question about their giving to the arts.
If you were there, tell me what you thought on the comments at the end of this posting.

News for those who have money and news for artists
If you happen to be in the market for some big bucks fund raising (and probably fun) events don't forget about these.
 The Columbia Museum of Art started having big springtime galas three years ago. The first was built around a show about ancient Egypt and last year's was connected to the "Turner to Cezanne" exhibition with an emphasis on Paris as art center in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It will be the usual lots of food and drinks and music by bands and solo musicians. A chandlier by artists Dale Chihuly, commissioned by the museum's contemporaries group, will be unveiled. It's April 17 and tickets are $150. Contact the museum at (803) 799-2810 or columbiamuseum.org

In Charleston, the Spoleto Festival USA is celebrating the re-opening of the Dock Street Theatre after a three-year renovation with a party April 1. You can buy into this on several levels: a tour and concert, drinks and concert, sit down dinner and concert which run $250 to $1,000. 

Who's playing? Well you can start with Natalie Dessay, one of the world's most acclaimed operatic sopranos. New chamber music series director and violinist Geoff Nuttall and several other chamber players will also perform. Heather Gillespie, who was in a Spoleto production of DuBose Heyward's "Mamba's Daughters" will be performing part of a play Heyward wrote for the opening of the 1936 replica of an 18th century theater. There will also be a sneak peek at the opera "Flora" which is being put on during the 2010 festival. "Flora" was the first opera every performed in the colonies (and that happened to be in Charleston) and the first production in the original 1736 Dock Street. 

For tickets (843) 579-3100 or go to spoletousa.org

The Spartanburg Museum of Art is desperately looking for artists from all over the state to enter its  first annual statewide show. The good news is that first place gets $3,000 (and another $5,000 will be spread around to others.)
The bad news is that it is open only to 2D work, there's a $40 entry fee and the deadline is Feb. 18. http://www.spartanburgartmuseum.org/

Also accepting entries is "Runaway Runway" for designers making clothing of recycled materials. The deadline is April 9 and there's a $10 entry fee. http://www.runawayrunway.net/

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the Blues Chapel and Last Words plug...yes....11 AM until Midnight, Thurs. - Sat.; Noon to 6 on Sun. 11 - 6 Mon.; and 11 until closing on Tues. at approx. 4 PM! This unfortunately means I'll miss many of the outstanding art events this weekend but thanks for your article....especially the Runaway Runway deadline as I didn't know when it was and am thinking of entering!


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