Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out my review of "Cyrano de B" at USC

I take little pleasure from writing bad reviews, but if you want to read one, you can find it at

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  1. jeffrey - I must disagree with your overall review of Cyrano - although I do agree with some of your points, such as the lack of dark shadows from which Cyrano could speak his own words to Roxanne. On the whole, though, I thought the production was creative, exciting, and affecting. The role of Cyrano was beautifully acted; the set design - especially the full use of vertical space - was very effective; and while a few of the costumes were, uh, unconventional, most were quite well done. After all, Cyrano has been performed so many times and is so familiar to many thater-goers, why not inject a little pizzazz into the production, as long as it is not overdone?

    The play really worked for me, and I hope others who read my take on it will go and see the production for themselves.


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