Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekend is here

Six artist will be “Breaking the Rules” at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios.
The artists working in a variety of mediums are are Howard Hunt, Bonnie Goldberg, Warren Brussee,Charles Adams, Bob Manown, Taryn Shekitka, David West and Malena Georgieva (from Bulgaria via New York).

The title comes from the fact that they're showing work that isn't their typical work.
It opens with a reception Thursday, Aug. 13 starting at 6.
This is a short show. Ends Sunday, Aug. 16.
Lee Mont's exhibition "Testimony" at the
Gallery at DuPre, 807 Gervais, will also be open Thursday night.
"Maybe not a gallery crawl but a possible gallery hop," Mont says.

Photo by Malena Georgieva
Drawing by Taryn

How sweet i
t is

I’ve been writing about Jon’s Tuttle’s plays for nearly 15 years, so it's good to see another one being born.

The Francis Marion University
professor’s newest one, “The Sweet Abyss” opens Friday Aug. 14 at Trustus Theatre.
The play
follows the trials of a woman deeply effected by the death of her cat and opens with a hilarious scene in a tctologist’s office.

The woman is played by Elena Martinez-Vidal with E.G. Hear
d and Joe Morales filling several other roles. Dewey-Scott Wiley directs.

Tuttle’s other plays include “Holy Ghost,” “The While Problem,” “Drift” and “The Hammerstone.” They have been widely produced and published.
(For more about Tuttle and this play go to…) “The Sweet Abyss” runs through Aug. 22.
Call (803) 254-9732.

This one is completely out of the blue

Work by self-taught, folk and outsider artists is on view at the S.C. ETV studios.
The exhibition is being held in conjunction with the upcoming broadcast of the movie "All Rendered Truth."
The show is composed of 21 pieces by artists from nine Southern states including
R.L. Burnside, Pervis Young, Mose T. and Carl Dixon.
The collection and the film are the work of Scott Blackwell. Blackwell started the Columbia restaurant Immaculate Consumption before moving to North Carolina where he started a cookie company which uses folk art images in its packaging.
The exhibition can be seen weekdays from 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. through Sept. 17. The studios are at 1041 George Roger
s Boulevard in Columbia.
The movie will be shown Aug. 27.

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  1. There is a great buzz on the 1500 block of Main St. on Fridays 11am-2pm. I'll be working on my new works for an up coming show. I hope more artist will join. Please come witness the liberation of Art!!!


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