Friday, August 7, 2009

New art by Phil Moody at Contemporary Art Center

My first impression of "As Bees Practise Geometry: Recent Experiments with Photography" by Phil Moody - remarkable. It's not your usual photo show. (You should really click on the image above to enlarge it. There is no glass involved in the piece.)
The exhibition opened Thursday, Aug. 6 at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art.


  1. I enjoyed this show very much! The Center for Contemporary Art is a beautiful thing, and the history of the mills is a fascinating part of S.C.'s past.

  2. The show was amazing! I feel silly that I didn't know how the projection in that first photograph worked.

  3. Just my opinion, I do not prefer art that uses words and text to make itself worthy to communicate. That method is just too media / technology / pop culture and does not have the origionality of the image without text. The current art show at the CMA is much more inventative and doesn't use letters to communicate. It isn't my fav form of art but it is STILL art. (I just wish the art nouveau or pre-raph movements would come back but that is just me.)

  4. Thank you Jeffrey for a long needed blog like this. Its both informative and educational.

  5. Thank you all so much for your responses to these images, Phil's work (positive and negative) and the blog.
    For "Anonymous" who doesn't like all the words: I'm usually with you on this sort of thing. In this case I understand your point, but don't completely agree with it. The text is integrated into the work - rather than used to explain the work. Many times, when I've told someone I didn't care for certain art, I've been asked, "Did you hear the artist's lecture" or "Did you read their statement." My response: if you have to read a statement about the art or hear the artist explain it to get it, there is a problem.
    Of course I'm kind of in the business of using words to connect people to art ....


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