Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend up

The second installment of the new "Playing After Dark" art event takes place Friday, July
17 at and around the Columbia Marionette Theatre. What, you missed the first one? You missed the very difficult mini-golf course? The puppet show?
Not sure how they're going to fit all this stuff in this time, but it includes artists Thomas Hammond, Thomas Crouch (painting below), Sammy Lopez, Dre Lopez, Jennifer Hill, dolls and so forth. (See her work at Nude Wednesday just a little ways down there) musicians Preach Jacobs, Liesl Downey, Matt Corbin, and performances by theater folks Michael Downey and Lyon Hill.

No golf this time - ping pong.

It starts around 8 and costs $3. It's at 401 Laurel St., jammed between Huger and the river.
(above left, Michael and Liesl Downey, preparing to pick and boil corn while overdressed.)

The big thing this weekend (yes and I know I've been going on about it for a year) is the reopening of the permanent collection galleries at the Columbia Museum of Art. It starts Saturday, July 18 at 10 a.m.
This is the first major re-installation of the second floor galleries since the museum moved to Main Street 11 years ago. In fact, Saturday is the 11th anniversary of the museum opening on Main Street.
The museum has a very good collection of paintings from the Renaissance and the Baroque periods and they should look better and be more informative in the new layout. Additions to the galleries are those focusing on 18th-century American art and furniture and Asian art.
The museum has various things going on all day and admission is free. The first volume of a collection catalog has also just been published.
(upper left, "Charity of St. Nicholas, 1580 by Johannes Stradanus, in the museum collection.)

Looking for an excuse to go to Charleston to see art or eat food? How about both? Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association’s Fourth Annual Palette and Palate Stroll. Among the gallery/restaurant pairings are Ann Long Fine Art & Oak; Carolina Galleries and Circa 1886; Charleston Renaissance Gallery and High Cotton; Corrigan Gallery and Cypress, Helena Fox Fine Art and Carolina’s; Robert Lange Studios and FIG and several more. Tickets are $30 and the walking and eating starts at 5:30 p.m. Friday, July 17. Call 843-819-8006 or go to

The next day (Saturday, July 18) in Charleston the public is invited to help take apart and take home part of the installation "Prop Master" at the Gibbes Museum of Art. The installation by North Carolina artists Juan Logan and Susan Harbage Page uses art from the museum collection to explore issues of race, class and gender.
The piece that needs taking place consists of about 10,000 small boxes - most white and a few black representing white and black artists in the museum collection. The artists will be on hand to sign boxes.

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