Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Spoleto notes

Funny fan masks of a young

Charles Wadsworth, who just turned

80 and is retiring as chamber music

series director.

That wooden ring holding the violinist’s dress together must chaff.

Found on the first page of my notebook after

seeing the opera “Louise:” Fat Ass.

Why do I never tire of seeing the colorfully-attired Seed and

Feed Marching Abominables? (right)

What does a harp made of the bones of a murdered girl sound like?

She entered the dark theater after the play “Don John” has started. With her short skirt and bleach-blond “wing” hairdo I thought she was in the cast. She wasn’t - her costume and hair were too outlandish for the play.


Listened to Joe Rackers play piano at the City Gallery while sitting in a little lounge areas the artist Dorothy Netherland had set up. I want to steal the chairs, but will settle for the table between them.

Theory aggressively proposed at Vickery’s after “Don John:” John’s sidekick Nobby is his Johnson.

How many pairs of underwear are the girls in

Don John wearing?

The Spoleto press office can do many things, but it cannot fix a screeching fan belt.

I'm very tired of jokes from the stage of the chamber music series about playing music written within the last 25 years. If John Adams is good enough for the Metropolitan Opera he’s good enough for Spoleto.

Why do I keep running into Dave from “Don John” when I want to run into Polly?

SCETV Radio has joined forces with WDAV in Davidson/Charlotte, N.C. to produce the program "Spoleto Today" which runs each day at 11 a.m. The good news is that it has been extended to an hour and is now heard in a larger portion of North Carolina.

That still doesn't explain why the program did a big piece about the new conductor of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and then played a big piece of music he conducted with the orchestra last season. It was longer than an interview with Charles Wadsworth, retiring host of the Spoleto chamber series.

If you need a light, go around to the back of the theater. Crews smoke.

Heading to my car I saw these whirling dervish music boxes in the rug store window

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