Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music to watch and hear

Jake Shimabukuro, who will perform at the Spoleto Festival next month. Highly unlikely you've ever heard a ukulele player like this.

The amazing woman Susan Boyle on "Britain's Got Talent." I know we're all supposed to hate these "Idol" shows as well as the musical "Les Miserables," but if this doesn't (at least) almost make you cry you need a heart transplant.

In an ideal world there'd be a great video of Buddy and Julie Miller performing her "All My Tears" in overdrive. Alas, it ain't there. The first time I saw Buddy he was in Emmylou Harris' brand new at the time band Spyboy. At Furman U. of all places.
This is the video of that band. Got to see Buddy and Julie in Charlotte and then at the Library of Congress of all places. He's playing with Robert Plant now among othes. And the bassist, Daryl Johnson, plays with the Stones now.

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  1. Agree on Boyle and (from an admittedly limited perspective) Buddy and Julie Miller. Glad to see you Jeffrey. I shall Twitter your blog address to one and all (which I think is about 15 people).


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