Friday, April 17, 2009

A long day and a good dance

This has been a long day in a long week. First, thanks for visiting the the blog and listening to me talk about it when you've seen me around.
Stopped by early this evening to say hello to Carl Blair, who has a solo exhibition of serious landscape paintings and funny animal sculptures at the if Art Gallery in the Vista.
I hadn't seen Blair in a long time. The retired Bob Jones University professor is one of the nicest men I know. Saying he's "retired" isn't really correct, since he's so productive as an artist. I had just a few minutes to look around, but what I saw was what i usually see at one of his shows: good art.
The last time I went to watch The Power Company dance group I was so hacked off at what was going on I left at intermission. I knew the group was capable of so much more.
So I was back tonight to see if they'd gotten on track and they have.
The group did a full night of dances, some older, like "Walrus Wrestling," some brand new like "Last Night I Had a Dream," a moving work by Christian von Howard with music by So Percussion. There were also expansions and updates on "at this point..." choreographed by Christine Keirnan with music by Dan Cook and "The Otis Project" by Stephanie Wilkins, set to music by Otis Redding.
The first solo part of "at this point" was a high point. I love and know Redding's music, so it's hard for me to get past what I'm hearing to see what I"m seeing. But anyone who can take "Dock of the Bay," Redding's biggest hit and most atypical tune, and not make it silly and sentimental gets my vote.
The Power Company does the same thing again tonight at 7:30 at Columbia College.

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  1. Jeffery It's nice to see a good blog about the culture here in Columbia SC. I now have your blog bookmarked . I look forward to reading your post in the future.


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